A Touch of Excess

Last month we travelled to the North to attend a surprise birthday party for my father in law. Now, to give it a little perspective, this family loves food. But I think a new high (or low?) was reached that Friday night. 25 people were invited for dinner, with an extra 15 or so showing up later. The later additions were also bringing snacks. Here’s a picture of the food that was prepared for the original 25 party-ers.

A quick count reveals 25 large dishes for 25 people. Wait, don’t forget the huge pot of soup on the stove. That means each person would have needed to eat more than 1 entire dish. I get the rolls.  Which whole dish do you want to eat?

Let’s all stand around and take pictures of the food before we eat it! But wait, don’t forget the appetizers!

I’m sorry to say that after 25 people had eaten, it didn’t look like anyone had even started yet. It looked even worse when the other 15 people showed up with more food.  I’m pretty sure my in-laws are still trying to finish the leftovers.

I’m ashamed to admit that I sneaked off to bed before it was time to put all this food away. It was just too overwhelming. And we had driven through the previous night to make it to the party. Yeah, that’s my story.

    • Ellis
    • March 12th, 2010

    That just made me so hungry. Grrr. Think there is any left?

      • Nate
      • March 13th, 2010

      Yeah same here. think ill go rob their fridge when they are out 🙂

    • Emma
    • March 16th, 2010

    how did Ellis get there?did he walk from the Johnson’s or something?
    I think i would go for the rolls too Ali.

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