Lessons from a 9 hour road trip

1. If it is 1am and you are tired of listening to your iPod, your radio will only pick up country stations.

2. Those country radio stations will only play Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, and then more Rascal Flatts.  You’ll turn the iPod back on and apologize for ever doubting it.

3. If you see a train in your rear view mirror and wonder what it is doing on the highway, it is just a semi truck with 1 headlight out. But it will definitely look like a train is looming behind you.

4. If you get really tired while driving and try to wake up your husband for someone to talk to, he will be sound asleep and won’t even wake up if you slap him around a bit.

5. If you try to pour hot coffee from your thermos to a mug, you will spill some on your pants. At first it will scald, then it will cool into a nice cold wet spot on your jeans and will take hours to dry.

6. If you decide that you must have some McDonald’s french fries (because we all know they are the best) you will have to wait in the drive through line for 15 minutes only to discover (once you are back on the highway) that the fries are lukewarm and soggy. Then you will wish you had gone to the Burger King across the street with no line at the drive through.

7. If you try to play the alphabet game while driving through southern Illinois, you will get stuck on the letter “B.”  That’s how much civilization is down there. No matter how many times you check, there is no “B” on the speed limit sign.

8. If you are 20 miles from home and thinking that it has been a pretty uneventful trip with no bad traffic or construction, there will be a tanker spill on the highway and you will be forced to take a 15 mile detour.

9. If you finally make it home, your house will be dark and cold because you turned the thermostat down while you were gone.

10. You’ll be so happy to be home that you won’t even care. But you will crank that thermostat back up.

    • Nate VG
    • March 3rd, 2010

    Somebody had a bad ride home…..cough cough (Ali) cough cough

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