I think I’ve got a little politician on my hands. Here’s a peek into what my day sounded like yesterday. And, question, how do kids go into new phases so fast? I swear she wasn’t like this last week. It’s life in the fast lane for a 3 year old. Always something new and exciting. But hey, if she doesn’t want to make a choice, guess who is glad to make it for her?

Me: Did you wash your hand after you went potty?

A: I sink so.

Me: You think so? You don’t remember?

A: I sink no.

Me: A, just tell me, yes or no, did you wash your hands?

A: I sink….I not know.

(Interruption by big sister: You th th th thhhhhhhhhhink, A! Not sink!)

Me: I don’t think you washed them very well. The water wasn’t on long.

A: (trying hard to find the right answer) I sink…yes.

Me: Oh my gosh, just go wash your hands.

And here’s another one. I call this one “Pick the opposite of whatever your sister says just to make Ms. Ali’s life more difficult.”

Me: A, what do you want for lunch?

A: I sink speghettio’s.

Me: Ok, E, does speghettio’s sound ok?

E: Yep, I want speghettio’s.

A: I sink I not want speghettios. I sink I want a roll-up.

Me: Are you just saying that because E wants speghettio’s now?

A: I sink..(thinking hard)…..I not know.

Me: A, will you eat speghettio’s with E? That’s what you wanted in the first place.

A: I sink yes.

Me: You think so? Will you eat them, yes or no?

A: I sink…..maybe?

Me: Ok, forget it, you’re both having speghettio’s.

All the live long day.

I sink yes. I sink no.

You th th th thhhhink! Ms. Ali, she won’t say it right!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go sink about……something.

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