How to make an herbal tea

As previously mentioned, I’m a chronic self-diagnoser. I avoid the doctor’s office like the plague. Flu shots- I don’t get ’em. Cough syrup – don’t take it. Not me, I like to fight off sickness the old fashioned way – with herbs.

This morning I woke up a little stuffy and with a little tickle in my throat. We all know what that means, especially when you’ve been around somebody that has a cold.

Here’s the tea that I’m drinking to prevent this from turning into a full fledged head cold.

Steep all the herbs together in just boiled water for 5-10 minutes. Strain and drink.

As you can see, I put all my herbs into the little strainer thing, set it in a 1 qt jar, then fill the jar with the boiled water. When the tea is ready, I just remove the strainer and pour some tea into my mug.

Let’s take a quick look at the properties of these herbs (as they relate to colds).

Mullein– good for all respiratory illness, helps loosen mucous and expel it from body

Elderberry- boosts immune system (similar to Echinacea), fights flu

Red Raspberry Leaf- high in vitamin C. This herb is in known as the “woman’s herb” and is wonderful in relieving many female problems and regulating hormones. It also tastes great, so I add RRL to most teas that I make for myself.

Licorice- anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxer, reduces the urge to cough, loosens mucous, boosts absorption of the other herbs it is used with.

These herbs have numerous other uses, but I’m just interested in fighting a cold right now. I’m also taking raw garlic (a natural antibiotic) and tonight I’ll make a new batch of tea with chamomile or lavender (both of which aid sleep).

So here’s to sipping tea and fighting colds! May the best woman win.

If you’re interested in learning more about herbs, is a great place to start.

    • ellisvg
    • January 21st, 2010

    Please tell me you just didn’t have those herbs laying around the house.

    • van gilder fam
    • February 16th, 2010

    don’t tell me you like it. i really think that looks really nasty. you didn’t happen to have all those those things just laying around did you?

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