Frugalista Weekend Meal: Ham Bone Soup

I think this is going to be my cheapest meal yet. Check it.

  • Ham Bone: Free (leftover from a ham that was given to us)
  • 1 lb dried Navy Beans: $1
  • Bacon Grease: Free (leftover from cooking bacon)
  • 3 carrots: $.30
  • 1 onion: $.30
  • Water: Free (sort of)
  • Salt: So cheap it’s almost free

Total: $1.60  Divide that by 6 servings and it’s $.27 per serving. Take that $1 menu. Here’s how you do it.

Bacon grease. Throw some in a pot. A tablespoon will do.

Carrots and Onions. Cook them for just a minute or two in the bacon grease.

Now throw in your leftover ham bone and 1 pound of dried, rinsed beans.

Add 6-8 cups of water and you are almost home free.

Now you just need to simmer this for 2-3 hours and it’s done!  You may need to add a little salt, just be careful with that ham bone in there. It will impart a lot of flavor. I only added a smidge of salt to this hole big pot of beans.

Serve with bread and butter and a salad. Feel good about all the money you saved by cooking at home. Make plans for how to spend that money. Nikon D40 anyone?

  1. it looks SOOOO yummy!

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