2009 – The year in review

January – New Year’s in Nashville with Ellis. Tutoring at Youth Encouragement                        Services. Dave makes a new little friend.

February – Camping. Feb 6. 32 degrees overnight. Cold, cold, COLD! Trip to                                  Chattanooga. Tutoring.

March – Camping again with Mom, Emma, Nate, and 2 dogs. Warmer. Tutoring.

April – Birthday parties. Baby showers. Haircuts. Trip to the North. Tutoring                         ends.

May – Trip to Boone, NC. Mountains. Country roads. Old friends. Dave’s parents               come down to visit.

June – Drive In Movies. Fireflies. Cookouts.

July – I turn 25. Ian and Evan come down for the 4th. Ellis and Kayla come down               for my birthday.

August – Dave turns 26 and starts a new position. A nephew is born. Trip to the                        North to meet him. Try to smuggle him back in my suitcase. Dave’s                              parents visit again. Food.

September – 5 year anniversary. Trip to the beach. Paint our bedroom. Dave gets                            his 1st cut on an album.

October – Start paying for internet like grown ups. Bonfires. Adoption                                            conference.

November – Host Thanksgiving. Ellis and Kayla visit. Join a new community                                  group at church.

December – Decide to adopt. 3 brothers and a sister come to visit. Dave does a                                police ride along. Christmas via Skype.  Trip to the North for late                                  holiday festivities. Happy New Year!

  1. Im stealing your blogging idea tomorrow. Just a heads up.

    • mom
    • January 3rd, 2010

    “It’s a Wonderful Life”

    Love you and miss you already.


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