The best Christmas gift (or) This Item is not for sale

Do you know someone who makes quilts? If you don’t, you need to make a quilting friend, fast. Stop reading this and get out there and make a new friend.

It’s worth it. Look at this quilt my mom made us for Christmas.

Soft. Warm. Quilted. Heirloom.  Can something be an heirloom if it hasn’t been in the family for generations? Can it be a future heirloom?  Heirloom to be?

I am now the proud owner of two handmade quilts – one made by my grandma, and one made by my mom.  Wait, does this mean that I collect quilts? Because if it does, I’m in heaven.

  1. Thanks Ali…you are the bestest!

    Love Mommy

  2. It matches your house perfectly. I don’t think I will be taking on that project anytime soon though…

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