A Thermos

It’s the small things in life that can really make you happy.

I know I’m supposed to be blogging about adoption this week, but I have to break from our regularly scheduled programming to show you this.

This is going to change my life. Some good friends (you know who you are) recently gave us a gift card to REI.

“Thermos” had been on my things-I will-never-buy-for-myself list for a whopping 2 weeks, so I knew right away that I just had to have one. And let me just say – it is amazing.

Yesterday morning at 7:30 I filled it with hot coffee. I opened it twice throughout the day to pour myself some java. At 6pm, the coffee that remained was still hot! Not scalding, but almost the perfect temp. How does it do that?

I know there is probably some scientific explanation for how a thermos works. But I prefer to stay in awe. As we at HuYoung Heaven like to say, “It’s a Christmas miracle!”

And so it is.

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