Christmas and Adoption

Nothing like a major holiday to take your mind off one of the biggest decisions of your life. It’s really hard not to obsess over the adoption right now. We are at a standstill til January, but it’s still hard not to think about calling the doctor to get physicals, getting birth certificates, and the biggest question of all – will we check the box for “boy” or “either?”

Man, that’s a tough one. We have always said the we wanted to have a boy first, but it kind of seems like cheating to just sign up for one. Shouldn’t we leave it up to God? But on the other hand, when else in life do you get to choose something this major? It’s like a freebie! But, wouldn’t it be fun to be surprised when the referral comes? Or will we be disappointed if it’s not a boy?  Maybe we should just go ahead and select “boy.”

You see how this goes? I annoy even myself with all this logic.

So….Christmas!!  What a great distraction. I’ve been spending way more time than I usually do at the mall, Target, and more of the mall, then a little more Target. It’s good to keep busy, and I’ve found some awesome gifts! I only have 1 “Plan B” gift that may need an upgrade, but other than that, Christmas is done. I’ve even volunteered to do shopping for my parents; picking up things here and there for my younger siblings.

I’m a regular Christmas saint, huh?

Now, on to wrapping presents! I wonder how long I can make that last…..

  1. If you’d like, I can bring my gifts over for you to wrap. I hate wrapping gifts. Sound good?

  2. Surprise, surprise, surprise! And I think you would end up with a boy anyways. So check the “shim” box.

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