Easy Weeknight Chili

I just love making meals that I can throw together with food from the pantry and freezer. Take this chili for example.

Got some onions? Chop ’em.

Got 1/2 lb of Ground Meat in the freezer?  Brown it.

Got some rubbery carrots in the back of the veggie drawer? Chop them up smaller than this and no one will ever know there are carrots in the chili.

Dig through your pantry and pull out any old cans of tomatoes that you have.  Consider yourself lucky if you have “chili ready” tomatoes like I did.

After you’ve cooked up the meat (which is totally optional, by the way) carrots, onions, and what have you, add the tomatoes.

Find the leftover navy beans that you cooked up earlier in the week and toss those in.

Suddenly remember that you have some cooked black beans in the freezer and throw them in (frozen). They’ll defrost just fine in the hot (almost) chili.

Now you just need to season this up and you are well on your way to a delicious dinner!

    • Suzanne Rohloff
    • December 11th, 2009

    You got some Mama Lori in you, Miss Ali?

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