The Elusive Christmas Spirit

Elusive: difficult to find, catch, or achieve.

The Christmas spirit comes and goes around here and there is nothing we can say or do to make it take off its shoes and “set a bit.” Sort of like Peter Pan, really, only with less dirt under its nails, and no pixie dust. But other than that, pretty much the same.

See this guy? He wasn’t smiling quite so wide when after 20 minutes the tree still wouldn’t stand up straight.

Nope, that ain’t smiling.

We persevered though. The tree is straight. Undecorated, but straight. I actually kind of like the tree plain. Next time old Christmas spirit comes around we’ll get that tree trimmed, never you fear.

  1. Just get a HUGE nail and some strong wire-and secure it to the wall-permanatly! Who designed Christmas Tree stands anyway?

    Got to love it,

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