Thanksgiving Week Countdown

Man, I really thought I was on top of things this year.  I’ve had the Thanksgiving menu planned, for like, two whole weeks.  I was going to make a lot of dishes in advance, clean the house (for overnight guests), get some actual cloth napkins, that kind of thing.

Well, folks, here it is noon on Tuesday and all I’ve managed to do is get the Chex Mix started.  How did this happen?

Sunday: Clean and straighten house. Check. Minus the bathrooms. Oh, and we’ll need to vaccum again before the big day.  Do Laundry. Half -check. Leave dirty piles of it on bedroom floor and 1 load in dryer….so much for house looking straightened.

Monday: Go to work for 10.5 hours (11.5 counting commute). Make dinner. Collapse.

Tuesday: Groceries and errands. Check. Still haven’t bought those cloth napkins or a tablecloth yet.  Is it weird to ask a guest to bring a tablecloth? Must ponder. Make Chex Mix. Check. Worry that Turkey won’t defrost in time. Check Look at to do list and blog about having nothing done yet. Check. Try not to eat Chex Mix. Not check. Go to work and knitting group.

Here’s what Wednesday needs to look like.

Wednesday: Make dressing for apple salad, dough for rolls, 1 cheeseball, 2 kinds of fudge, stuffing (?), help Dave make sweet potato casserole, be grateful that guests are bringing an appetizer, cranberry sauce, and 3 pies.  Re-clean house, freshen up guest room, and make dinner. Seriously, make dinner? On Thanksgiving Eve? We might be ordering pizza. Just saying.


  1. Just so you know, Wal Mart has their Thanksgiving table stuff on clearance. I got our table cloth for $5. I’ve been watching and waiting for them to go on sale. Oh yeah, I win!!

  2. haha I love how it looks like John was bragging about his table cloth deal!

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