When I was about 10 years old I was given a few boxes of old books.  These were books that belonged to my dad’s side of the family – his parents, aunts, cousins, etc.



I was in heaven.  Two of my passions: books and history, together.

Those books followed me around during my growing up years. I read them, loved them, tried to imagine the lives of the people who read them before me.

Some have names inscribed.   Ellis Van Gilder.  My Grandpa.


Lorena. 1948. My great aunt (Ellis’ sister). But who is Grandma Van? I’m assuming that is my grandpa’s grandma, but I don’t even know her name. Thanks for the book though, Great Great Grandma. It’s still in the family.

Betty Ellis. Theora Ellis was my great grandmother, but who is Betty?


Ahhh, the beginning of my love affair with old westerns. Louis L’amour will always be my favorite, but Zane Grey started it all.


I really heart books.

  1. great post! I had no idea those books meant that much…

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