What’s in a couch

Last night we sold this couch.


It was a hand me down from Dave’s parents. They had it for twenty or so years, and we had it for 5. It was time to say goodbye.

But before it was time to say goodbye, it was time to figure out once and for all what exactly was rattling around in there. And no, sadly, it wasn’t loose change.


A staple missing at one of the corners created a small hole, and since I have the smallest arms, I was activated for couch duty.


First out – a splintery piece of wood.  That wasn’t, like, a structural support or anything, right?  Woops.

Ah, pay dirt.


A toy from Dave’s childhood. Although Dave was really excited to see him, he can’t remember little guy’s name.  So we are calling him Captain Couch Man. Dave claims he is a figure from a TV show but can’t remember which one. Who knew old age would set in so quickly?

Can you help Dave out? Do you recognize this guy?


Also found in the couch but not pictured: a ponytail holder, air soft BB’s, and lots of dust.  Not too shabby for 25 years.

    • collinharvey
    • November 10th, 2009

    Looks like General Crix Madine from Return of the Jedi. 🙂

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