How to fix a gas fireplace

You may be looking for some technical expertise, but here at HuYoung Heaven we believe in “push that ignitor button 8,000 times until the dang thing lights.”

Our gas fireplace hasn’t worked since we moved in 2.5 years ago. Or so we thought.  I really wanted to use it this year, so Dave promised to fix it for me.

First, he went into the crawl space and checked the gas line. All good. Check.

Then he took the fireplace insert apart and cleaned it out and made sure all the connections were good.  Check.

Then we started trying to get the pilot lit. What an ordeal.  Seems easy, right? Not when someone (at some unknown point in the past) has taken apart the insert and put the on/off knob back on all wonky.  Small detail, large consequence. Once we realized that, it was just a matter of pumping that ignitor button and twisting the messed up on/off knob til we magically hit the right combination.

Aaaaaaand fire.


Only took us 2.5 years to figure out that the fireplace really does work. Lesson learned. The hard way.


  1. very funny, Dr. Jones – and…sounds extremely familiar!

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