Lasagna Gardening

This may be the easiest gardening method I’ve ever heard of.

SOLD!  I’ll take it. Gimme that easy gardening, I need me some of that.

I have a little gardening problem that I like to call “It gets too freakin’ hot!” I guess I’m a fair weather gardener. Ugh, terrible pun. Grammar question: Is it a pun if you don’t mean it to be?  I really do just like gardening in fair weather. I hate pulling weeds in the middle of summer. If that makes me a fair weather gardener, then so be it. Pun that.

Anyway, lasagna gardening.  Layers, layers, layers.  Beginning in the fall, here’s what you do. Pick your garden spot and mark it off.  Define it any old way you like. It’s your lasagna garden; you’re the boss.

  1. Put a layer of compost or good topsoil on top of whatever is in your garden. Just put it right there on top of the grass if that’s what you have. If you already have good topsoil, just use compost or manure on top. If you have lousy topsoil, you’ll want a really good layer of compost. But remember, this is supposed to be easy.  Just do the best you can with what you have.
  2. Your second layer is made of paper or cardboard. Old newspaper is great, as is cardboard (but not the glossy stuff that cereal comes in; think brown shipping boxes). Again, use what you have. Layer the paper on top of your first layer and wet it down with the hose. This layer will keep sunlight out and prevent weeds from popping up.
  3. Now cover the paper layer with something organic. Leaves, grass clippings, mulch, hay, you get the idea.
  4. Leave it alone! It will all start to break down over the winter and do beautiful things to your soil.

In the Spring, when you want to plant, just cut small holes in the cardboard or paper (which may or may not be decayed) and place your seeds or plants. All the organic material will feed your plants and the cardboard will hold in moisture and keep weeds away.

What could be easier? No weeding, no removing sod, less watering. Oh, and did I mention no weeding?

After your growing season, add more compost or manure, and build a new lasagna garden on top of the existing one. Your soil will get more beautiful each year.  Mmmm, beautiful soil.


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