Restaurant Review: Sitar Indian Cuisine, Nashville

Dave and I love food.  And while I wouldn’t consider us gourmet, I might consider us foodies, or at least food appreciators.  Dave is especially passionate about food; I blame this on his upbringing. With an extended Chinese family (including his Chinese dad who grew up in Cuba!) Dave was introduced to varied foods at a young age.  In short, Dave’s love affair with food began early and shows no signs of waning.

Today we went to our favorite Indian place, Sitar Indian Cuisine, for lunch.  We love their $7 $8 lunch buffet which is available every day.  We rolled in at 12:15 on a Wednesday and the place was packed. I love a good rush at a buffet because it means fresh food keeps on coming out of the kitchen.  We were seated near a Robert Plant look-alike (a Sitar specialty) pretty immediately.

On the buffet today there were 2 types of rice (basmati and pullao) 4 vegetarian dishes (allo gobhi, shahi paneer, chana masala, and saag paneer), 2 chicken dishes (chicken tikka masala and tandoori chicken), 1 lamb dish (lamb rogan josh), pakora, salad, sauces, and 2 desserts. Oh, and naan. Beautiful, chewy naan.


Between the 2 of us, we tried everything. Except the salad; who wastes valuable room on salad where there is real Indian food to eat?


My favorite is always saag paneer. It’s green, so I chalk it up as a good for you dish. The shahi paneer was new for us, but very tasty with that nice creaminess that paneers have. I noticed that the chicken tikka masala was mostly white meat for a change, which I really appreciated. The tandoori chicken was moist and tender – Dave had 2 pieces. I’m not really sure what is in pakora, but I love it dipped in the mint sauce. According to Sitar’s website, pakora is “mixed vegetable fritters, fried and delicately spiced.” When I went through the line the bowl had just been refilled and the pakora were super hot and crispy, a good representation of the food today.


Overall, we ate way too much and loved every bite.  It’s been 6 hours since we ate and I’m not hungry yet! Next time you’re in the area, give Sitar a try and let us know what you think.

Sitar Indian Cuisine,

116 21st Avenue North

Nashville, TN 37203

PS – I know these pictures are worse than bad, but I took them on my cell phone, ok? Be grateful.

    • Smellis Van Gilder
    • October 31st, 2009

    Two words. Goat Balls.

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