How to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie preparedness is no joke. It’s a lot of work, and takes a lot of research. This book is key. The Encyclopedia of Country Living. It could very well be entitled How to Survive Anything on Your Own.

Today’s zombie lesson is taken from this book and is on eating small animals.  When the zombies take over, our grocery system will fail.  It will be important to know how to procure your own food.  If you have a weak stomach, this post might not be for you. Just leave now and go eat some Tums. And good luck when the zombies come.

Health Rules for Small Animal Eaters:

  1. Never eat a small animal that is already dead.
  2. Don’t hunt an animal that isn’t acting lively.
  3. Even if you personally kill the animal, don’t eat it if it looks to be in poor health.
  4. Wild rabbits and some other mammals may be sick with infections that can be contracted by the hunter (less likely in winter). Don’t cut yourself while cleaning such animals. It’s recommended that you wear rubber gloves when skinning or cleaning any small game, especially wild rabbits.
  5. Check the animal’s liver. White cyst like spots in the liver, pea size or smaller, indicate tularemia or coccidiosis. Do not eat the meat of animals with white liver spots.
  6. Never eat brain – not even well cooked.

Cooking a small mammal:  any small game may be cooked whole or cut into pieces. Use in wild meat recipes, rabbit recipes, chicken recipes, or any meat recipes that you feel like trying it in.

There you have it! Just a few tips on eating small animals and preparing for the zombie apocalypse.  🙂



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