Knitting Projects

IMG_5743To me, Fall heralds the beginning of Knitting Season. Some people can knit all through the Summer, but here in the South it’s not easy.  I did manage to knit a blanket (a blanket!) during the months of April-July, but I called it quits after that.

I started a new blanket this fall; recipient undetermined at this point. It’s a really fun yellow color. I hate that yellow is considered one of those “neutral” baby colors – I love yellow right now.IMG_5744

After the last blanket I made, I swore I would never knit another blanket -crochet is much faster. But breaking a promise made to yourself isn’t really breaking a promise, is it?  It’s more like changing your mind, right?  Right. What did change my mind in this case is that two of my friends (who I recently taught to knit!) have started knitting blankets. Yes, beginners knitting blankets.  I will not be outdone. It’s on.

IMG_5748 These little bibs are so cute (at least I think so) and easy to knit up. These two don’t have buttons yet, so they are still technically works in progress. I love the nubby texture of double seed stitch.IMG_5750

And there you have it! Baby blankets and baby bibs. Knitting baby gifts will consume all your knitting time if you let it.  Hmmm…time to find some grown up knitting projects.  Gloves, anyone?

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