The Zombie Apocalypse

“This will come in handy for the zombie apocalypse.”

“Jack, if you whine like that the zombies will get you first.”

“Get the matches from the zombie preparedness basket.”

We have a slight obsession with zombies these days. Dave jokingly predicts the zombie apocalypse multiple times a day. Apparently, anything can trigger it – being too hungry, not getting a turn to play guitar hero, and especially being denied the chance to watch Ghost Hunters.

We’re working on our zombie preparedness skills.  Our zombie preparedness basket (the junk basket) has matches, candles, screwdrivers, tape, and most importantly, take out menus. Our water filter (that can even clean pond water) will come in very handy during the zombie apocalypse. So will my sweet onion chopping, aka knife skills.  We’ve even got some real weapons that will be useful; and Dave learned some sweet fighting skills at a krav maga class.  We are ready.  Bring on the zombies.

  1. Knitting needles are amazing zombie deterrents.

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