Independence and Stupidity

41BP9J11SYL._SL500_AA240_I Can Do It Myself

Raise your hand if you read Golden Books as a child.

That’s what I thought.

My mom used to read me this book all the time. It fosters independence you know. “I can tie my shoes, I can do it myself.”

Sometimes, though, it’s good to do things not by yourself. With others, if you will. Sesame Street may have misled us just a little bit with this one.

Take, for instance, the time I decided to move thisIMG_5663 full size couch from the sunroom to Dave’s drum room. While he was at work. Through the dining room, down the hall, and around a sharp turn into the bedroom. I had to tip that bad boy up on its end and edge it through the doorway. I could have been crushed at any second. I started regretting the whole idea right about when the couch got jammed in the doorway. But there was no way I would quit and let Dave find me barricaded by the couch in his drum room. I can do it myself!

Here’s a Golden Book I would like to see: I Can Let Others Help Me. It’s just as important to learn to accept help as it is to do things on your own. Don’t believe me? Ask my back.

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